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Become a Volunteer


A sign-up genius is set up for volunteers. Please note that almost all booths are listed, but some booth chairs will have their method of scheduling volunteers! Also, if you have communicated with your booth chair about a shift, but it isn't on the link below, you are still scheduled for your shift at the time agreed upon - we are working to put all the data together.

The success of the Festival depends on YOU! Please sign up for a shift! 

Setup Up Week Volunteers Needed April 29th through May 4th.


Note: Signup Genius is having some issues today.  Our signups will run again as soon as they resolve their issues. If down when you try, please keep trying. 
11 am 5.3.23.

STM Parents: Unsure where to spend your time volunteering? See the suggested booth for you to sign-up. This chart is an aid to help you know where your time is needed; you do not need to volunteer at this booth. The idea is that your grade-level parents get to know each other while volunteering together. Please note your child's first name and grade symbol when signing up. After the festival, the homeroom(s) with the most parental volunteer hours will receive a pizza & popsicle party! 

2023 STM Festival Booth Vounteer Alignments.png


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